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An Exquisite + Rare Scyphocrinites Elegans Crinoidea - Wall of Lilies 7.8ft


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A highly rare scientific discovery of museum importance, a collage of Scyphocrinites elegans Crinoidea lilies conserved within an ancient Devonian riverbed from Western Sahara, North Africa.

The Scyhocrinites elegans seamlessly lend motion to what was once an actively prominent riverbed full of life. Now captured in time, each lily intricately lay, peacefully displaying their once organic anatomy now in rest from the Baluster roots through to the Calyx crown tips. A tale of a prehistoric time mostly revered some 400,000,000 years ago.

A statement, a monument to an ancient world and by far one of the most impressive and unique pieces in our collection which we have had the pleasure to conserve.

Genus: Scyphocrinites Elegans Crinoidea.
Origin: Djebel Issoumour, Alnif, Morocco, North Africa.
Age: Paleozoic era, early Devonian, approximately 420 to 380 million years.

Height: 239 cm / 94 ins / 7ft 9"
Width: 234 cm / 92 ins
Depth: 10 cm / 4 ins

Estimated weight: 700+ Kg
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A highly important museum quality plate is full of prehistoric life, displaying multiple colonies of fossil Scyphocrinites Elegans and reaching a total length of 7.8ft compared to other admired showpieces around the world, much like the 1.6-meter specimen exhibited at the Musée des Confluences in Lyon. Scyphocrinites Elegans are a class of the echinoderms; relative to starfish and sea urchins alike. Appearing in the Cambrian era, a fossil record dating 420,000,000 years.


Laid upon a soft palette of pinks and red limestone affluent with Scyphocrinites Elegans throughout, within the stone, entrapped in time, once a riverbed where there reined many creatures. These unique marine colonies have preserved exceptionally for a such a natural display.


Scyphocrinites Elegans are rarely found attached to debris like drift-wood, whereupon the wood often blackens, creating an anchor for these once magnificent creatures to drift free, roaming the once ancient oceans we know so little about.


- It is theorised when driftwood became waterlogged sinking to the bottom the crinoids went with it.

- Crinoids have been found in the fossil record to have had stems up to 40 meters in length.

- Scyphocrinites Elegans are neither classed solely as a plant or animal, they are a subspecies between the two groups.

- A member of the Phylum Echinodermata; sea lily originates from the Greek, Krinon; Lily.

- As well as situating in coral reefs and shallow waters, the Sea lilies persist in our oceans today, dwelling at great depths as far as 6,000 meters / 4 miles.


- ANATOMY - The four main parts of the Scyphocrinites Elegans:

+ The Arms; composed of an articulated series of ossicles (Pinnules) used in suspension to feed and for respiration. The gonads are also located in the arms where fertilisation takes place in open sea water during mass spawning.

+ The Calyx; the crown or aboral cup containing the vital organs, much smaller compared to the overall total-mass, mostly devoted to food retainment.

+ The Stem; columned to support from the baluster root to the crown.

+ The Baluster; The Baluster bulb root is thought to have attached to driftwood, coral and possibly help the buoyancy of these large Scyphocrinites Elegans during migration through the currents of ancient oceans.


Overall this plate of Scyphocrinites Elegans Crinoidea specimens is exquisite, beautifully preserved and expertly conserved. Each individual crinoid exhibits soft pearly greys, delicately contrasting against the soft pink and red limestone background curating a wonderful combination of colour.


For more information about the Scyphocrinites Elegans Crinoidea click here:

Ocean crinoid close up view

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Age Devonian
Origin Morocco