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Luxury fossil decor for the home interior wall


Welcome to 'The Wall'! We are starting new projects with great innovations for the interior world and the concept of fossils as wall art, well they speak for themselves. We...

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Interior ammonites on stands

Interior Design and Ammonites on Plinths

Interior Design and Ammonites on Plinths, somehow their familiar. Fossil ammonites, the ancient prehistoric marine dwelling cephalopods send powerful and remaining images to our subconscious self. It is something inert, in...

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Quartz Minerals

Quartz minerals decor

From monumental amethyst crystal cavern over four feet tall. Amethyst is the birthstone of February, has been venerated since the times of ancient Greece 'The Greek word amethystos may be...

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Megalodon Shark Teeth

Megalodon Shark teeth

Megalodon Shark, the fiercest predator of its time in the ocean. In the Miocene and Pliocene periods approximately 16 to 3 million years ago this monster shark would hunt other...

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Holzmaden lilies

Luxury Holzmaden Wall Decor

HOLZMADEN SEA LILY + HARPOCERAS AMMONITE DISCOVERY The fascinating Holzmaden discovery of a naturally preserved fossil specimen, from the lily through to Ammonites, now designed and curated for interior wall...

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Nautilus on chrome stand

The Nautilus

The involute Hoplitoides ammonite specimen below has been collected in Morocco, conserved and prepared in the United Kingdom Laboratory, which has allowed the internal structure of the mineralised extinct body...

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Dyrosaurus crocodile fossils

Survival Of The Crocodile!

The ancient crocodile! It's incredible that millions of years ago crocodiles like the Dyrosaurus we're roaming the margins of lagoons and brackish waters, even marine adaptions occur alongside dinosaurs. If...

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fish and tree branch fossil on limestone bronze mounted

Fishes of the Desert

Exceedingly rare Diplomystus birdi pycnodont fish and fossil plant, this plate is a solid limestone plate which once formed the bottom silts of an ancient lagoon and is now part...

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Trilobite fossils for sale

Extinct Trilobites Hypostome or Dredge

The exoskeleton of a Devonian period trilobite was made of hard parts, the hardness was the material chitin, Chitin C8H13O5N, a long-chained polymer of an N-acetylglucosamine. Chitin in Devonian trilobites...

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Meteorites for sale

Meteorites From North Africa

Meteorites from North Africa at The Fossil Store; Meteorite collecting has reached fever pitch over the last few decades, with the advent of more easily accessible routes to North Africa....

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Mammoth fossils

Our Mammoth Tusk Collection

In this post we are reviewing past celebrities of our varied stock of fossil megafauna, The great Pleistocene ice age Mammuthus primigenius is celebrated in pictures. We also feature our...

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Interior fish wall

Fossil Statements For Interiors

Statements for interiors... We are delighted with the results of the fine mounting of our latest fossil finds. These fossils are cradled in bronze arms individually custom-fitted to each specimen...

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About The Fossil Store

Our World

The Fossil Store is a creatively rooted, authentic vintage and classic fossil company in the United Kingdom. Presenting interior-style objects of curiosity for luxury interiors around the world. We strive...

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gogotte mineral

Gogotte Minerals for Modern Home Interior Decor

The unique sculptural form of Gogottes discovered in the Phosphate deposits of Benguerir, Oulad Abdoun Basin, near Casablanca, Morocco, NWA. The phosphate deposits date from the Cretaceous 60 million years...

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Meteorite artefacts

New Meteorite Arrivals On Bronze Plinths

Forming our universe over 13.7 billion years and our solar system over 4.6 billion years, we have been able to identify and analyse these foreign wonders, cataloguing the stars which...

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Megalodon shark teeth

Discover Evolution - Discover The Megalodon

FOSSIL MEGALODON SHARK TEETH UNEARTHED  This is my element, seawater water courses over my interlocking dermal scales forcing the currents to streamline my bulk, I circumnavigate the deep and delve...

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Ammonite cleoniceras bracelet jewellery

Valentine Jewellery... Make it historic

So show her how much your love is set in stone for all time with a select handcrafted semi-precious mineral and fossil jewellery love token. And for those budding palaeontologists...

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