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Luxury fossil decor for the home interior wall


Welcome to 'The Wall'! We are starting new projects with great innovations for the interior world and the concept of fossils as wall art, well they speak for themselves. We...

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Interior ammonites on stands

Interior Design and Ammonites on Plinths

Interior Design and Ammonites on Plinths, somehow their familiar. Fossil ammonites, the ancient prehistoric marine dwelling cephalopods send powerful and remaining images to our subconscious self. It is something inert, in...

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Quartz Minerals

Quartz minerals decor

From monumental amethyst crystal cavern over four feet tall. Amethyst is the birthstone of February, has been venerated since the times of ancient Greece 'The Greek word amethystos may be...

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Megalodon Shark Teeth

Megalodon Shark teeth

Megalodon Shark, the fiercest predator of its time in the ocean. In the Miocene and Pliocene periods approximately 16 to 3 million years ago this monster shark would hunt other...

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The Fossil Store SALE Banner

25% Off Our January SALE!

With February around the corner, take advantage of our sale this January, offering a massive 25% off our entire catalogue! Applied on your checkout. We rarely do sales, let alone...

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Black friday sale banner

Black Friday 25% OFF

R E G I S T E R -S I G N   I N+ C H E C K O U T We have some wonderful surprises in store,...

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Holzmaden lilies

Luxury Holzmaden Wall Decor

HOLZMADEN SEA LILY + HARPOCERAS AMMONITE DISCOVERY The fascinating Holzmaden discovery of a naturally preserved fossil specimen, from the lily through to Ammonites, now designed and curated for interior wall...

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Nautilus on chrome stand

The Nautilus

The involute Hoplitoides ammonite specimen below has been collected in Morocco, conserved and prepared in the United Kingdom Laboratory, which has allowed the internal structure of the mineralised extinct body...

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Dyrosaurus crocodile fossils

Survival Of The Crocodile!

The ancient crocodile! It's incredible that millions of years ago crocodiles like the Dyrosaurus we're roaming the margins of lagoons and brackish waters, even marine adaptions occur alongside dinosaurs. If...

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