Sustainability \ HQ operations

“the fossil store™, sustainability is a fundamental commitment. It is not a marketing exercise but a mentality - THE FOSSIL STORE.”

In addition to setting rigorous standards,“the fossil store™ applies its sustainability principles and industry-leading practices within.

Sustainable packaging

Composed primarily of environmentally friendly and duly certified materials, our packaging includes. Shopping bags are recycled and contain a minimum of 40% recycled content. Tissue paper, stationery, printed materials, and gift boxes are fsc certified and 100% recycled.

Eliminating single-use plastics

As part of “the fossil store™ commitment to eliminating single-use plastics across operations.

Sustainability standards

The fossil store™ is engaged in a multifaceted strategy to achieve a more sustainable and responsible definition of luxury fossil products. The gallery and its partners follow codes and standards developed and refined by kering since the group’s establishment of its first code of ethics in the 90's. These open-source guidelines, which are reviewed and updated regularly in consultation with subject-matter experts, address topics such as human rights, biodiversity, raw material sourcing, and internal operations.

Toward a more sustainable supply chain

- Sustainability principles
- Biodiversity strategy
- Animal welfare standards
- Standards for raw materials and manufacture

Sustainability \ raw materials

The fossil store™ recognises that intense, consistent scrutiny of raw materials and their sources is vital to reducing environmental impact. The house is on track to achieve 100% traceability of key raw materials and 100% compliance with environmental standards for raw materials and manufacturing processes.

Monitoring progress

In addition to training in-house teams and external partners to follow guidelines, the fossil store™ approaches each collection with the goal of increasing the share of products made with sustainable raw materials. An analysis of each collection is used to track progress and to ensure ongoing improvement, with reference to leading certification schemes focused on topics such as environmental impact, and responsible sourcing.


Our metals are provided by certified suppliers and form recycled material.