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Luxury assured authentic Fossil statements for the world of interiors + the esteemed collector - we are; THE FOSSIL STORE™

Design + palaeontology curated through an aesthetic lens for luxury spaces out there!


Designing the very first limited-edition run of mantelliceras ammonites introduced to the world on THE FOSSIL STORE™ custom designed stands back in 1992 was to inspire creativity with exclusive pieces for luxury spaces, home interiors and to give an extra touch of exclusivity to even the smallest of spaces. We are THE FOSSIL STORE™!

No matter who you are, every individual can appreciate and savour the wonders created by THE FOSSIL STORE™ and take home a piece of history crafted into their very own spaceTHE FOSSIL STORE™ Studio, Shop + Gallery series doesn't just host a collection of old stones and fossils; it showcases the true level of skill and precision required to curate and design timeless pieces tailored to look sensational to the naked eye.

THE FOSSIL STORE™ encapsulates the past in key forms of interior design standards, creating the perfect design that will stand the test of time and offer an abundance of luxury throughout. Quality assured, aesthetically pleasing and with subtle twists of the modern world - the expression of creativity has too continuously flow throughout all our collections.

No matter the intentionTHE FOSSIL STORE™ offers timeless fossil pieces catered for a variety of unique home interiors that inspire individuality to showcase a truly creative experience to the world from your domain. As a family run business with more than 30 years of experienceTHE FOSSIL STORE™ is a testament to the careful combination of history and modernity. Welcome to THE FOSSIL STORE™ era of timeless design and creative products unsurpassed.


The Beginning

The gift of a fossilised ammonite from Richard's brother at a young age set him off on a lifelong journey of fascination with the prehistoric world. It was the year 1969 - the same decade man first stepped foot on the moon - and the ancient earth rock supplied fuel for his developing interest in palaeontology. This fascination lasted for many years and eventually fed into his career in the family antiques and fine art business.

He then decided to channel his passion for antiques, fine art and artefacts into the area of palaeontology in the middle of his life. After living in Morocco Benjamin Allison, his eldest son would excavate dry river beds looking for any type of fossil and this is where his itch also began.

THE FOSSIL STORE™ was born, initially supplying fossils sourced from the continent. This business soon flourished and grew into an international concern. Their mission was to offer aesthetically pleasing pieces to connoisseurs, collectors and those looking to dazzle up their homes.

Over the last two decades of the twentieth century, THE FOSSIL STORE™ made substantial contributions to the paleontological industry, delighting fossil aficionados across the globe. It was in the early 1990s when the first African expeditions began, followed by the arrival of the new millennium collections, many of which you can now find here and catalogued around the world.


Spinosaurus dinosaur toe claw for sale on a custom angled brass stand


Pride in Innovation

For over two decades, THE FOSSIL STORE™ have established themselves as a leading name in the UK's ever-expanding fossil industry. With their bold and pioneering approach to fossil display, they have been responsible for creating the trending environments of extraordinary palaeontological pieces for private events, hotels, public celebrities and interior design.

With all these features that will add an authentic presence to any living space, the directors Richard and Benjamin Allison have developed an ever-evolving creative course for THE FOSSIL STORE™ that can be seen in the high-quality pieces curated within. 

Est in '92 \ Online in '96

The FOSSIL STORE has maintained a formidable position in the procuring and selling of fossils across the globe since 1992. Our debut online offerings set new trends, however, a number of specimens remain tricky to source in the marketplace.

Thanks to our collection of talented individuals, we have conquered many obstacles and, through our digital and physical operations that have allowed us to relish our assorted ties that benefitted a struggling industry that also saw beautiful development of international friendships within the palaeontological world. 

3rd Generation Since '53

We are a 3rd generation family business centred around decorative arts since 1953, we have a great appreciation for knowledge and what comes with it, and service is key. Tracing its lineage back through decades, THE FOSSIL STORE has sought to acquire, preserve and offer only the finest pieces. Such a commitment is reflected in our business principle and customer service, as we aim to maintain a personal approach with each and every individual. By adhering to this ambition, it has enabled us to establish long-term relationships with many of our customers, contributing to our enduring success.

Benjamin Allison

 Partner + Director - '2001

In 1992, Benjamin embarked upon a discovery, which led him to hunt the dry riverbeds at the base of the Atlas Mountains where he found his first fossil. This sparked a quest that saw him touring the world trading in palaeontological items by 2002. Since then, Benjamin has taken THE FOSSIL STORE™ into the 21st century in style, advocating a new ethos to bring the absolute best specimens to market and satisfy the highest standards with regard to their production and handling. It is a creed Benjamin has successfully influenced within business.

Today, Benjamin joined forces with Richard, who is charged with sales and distribution, to ensure THE FOSSIL STORE™ maintains its impeccable standards. In tandem, Benjamin is responsible for the overall haul in product development and brand awareness from code to fossil preparation. Additionally, he spends considerable time putting together new designs which, oftentimes, is adopted by someone before it reaches the open market. He also presides over his other ventures from V® and BRWA™, for which has seen him awarded. As we continue to progress, we're excited to see where THE FOSSIL STORE™ is heading.

Expedition Notes

in the dazzling sunlight and beyond the immediate view lay a hidden mystery...

Perched alongside the edifice of the Hamar L'Aghdad was the rugged expanse of the Western Desert in Morocco, which has captivated many an explorer for centuries. When the conditions are favourable, one may be lucky enough to locate curious fossils such as trilobites. These can be found in a handful of mountain ranges which penetrate into the fringes of Algeria and the Enormous Sahara. The Tené Desert provides befitting conditions to gain from the pastel offerings. After driving for hours off road, we were half way through our nine hour breakneck odyssey. We laboriously lugged all the tools and filming gear upsteep mountainside in the dazzling sunlight and beyond the immediate view lay a hidden mystery. The sun had risen defiantly when something rather extraordinary piqued our interest. With bated breath, we hastened our steps towards an area that embraced a paleontological ethos - welcome too THE FOSSIL STORE 



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