Expedition Notes - A Meteorite Fall

Expedition Notes

We eventually found a second impact site. We had whittled our suspects down to a single possibility; a skimmer...

Perched alongside the edifice of the Hamar L'Aghdad was the rugged expanse of the Western Desert in Morocco, which has captivated many an explorer for centuries. When the conditions are favourable, one may be lucky enough to locate curious fossils such as trilobites.

These can be found in a handful of mountain ranges which penetrate into the fringes of Algeria and the Enormous Sahara. The Tenéré Desert provides befitting conditions to gain from the pastel offerings. After driving for hours off road, we were half way through our nine hour breakneck odyssey.



We laboriously lugged all the tools and filming gear up a steep mountainside in the dazzling sunlight and beyond the immediate view lay a hidden mystery. The sun had risen defiantly when something rather extraordinary piqued our interest. With bated breath, we hastened our steps towards an area that embraced a paleontological ethos - welcome too THE FOSSIL STORE 


Meteorite falling through the sky above the clouds


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THE FOSSIL STORE™ proudly presents a selection of stunningly discovered meteorites. Our 'Fallen Stars' collection combines Stony and Iron Meteorites with cutting-edge AES| Bronze stands. Crafted with an eye for show-stopping spaces, these statement pieces combine elemental beauty sure to enhance your home.

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THE FOSSIL STORE™ fallen star series brings you our latest NWA [H5] meteorite series weighing 458 grams. Now transformed with elegant innovated-designed AES stands for spaces out there.

These extraterrestrial stars form our ever-evolving solar system dating 4,500,000,000 [BILLION] years, with less than 0.01% of 50,000+ terrestrial impacts occurring each year on the planets we know of, some of which burn upon entering earth's upper atmosphere, many of which fall into our oceans.





Introducing the [NWA] H5 chondrite meteorite at 4196 grams, now cradled on the AES | bronze stand series. Once part of a substantial meteor body orbiting asteroids or asteroid belts in our solar system. In rare events, these stars fall to planetary objects, in this case, earth - entering our stratosphere and impacting the Western Saharan Desert. Exhibiting shallow regmaglypts on the surface, [indentations] created by ablation while falling through the atmosphere, and on occasion consist of fractures caused by terrestrial impact.

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