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  • Mosasaur Uncovered

    Prognathodon jaws in original fossil bed matrix

    Mosasaurs, the stuff of legend, fossil bones were first discovered in Maastricht, they were believed to be from mythical fire breathing dragons. Today we view them as the ultimate terrors of the late Cretaceous period, a marine hunting reptile scouring prehistoric warm shallow seas for prey, anything not bigger than its expandable...

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  • Prehistoric Birds

    flying reptiles

    The evolution of birds is a debate that continues to intrigue the palaeotological community. Evidence in the fossil record of flying creatures is continually increasing, Pterosaurs and toothless or false tooth birds and their connections to our modern Avifauna is part of a passion for knowledge. Where did their evolutionary beginings...

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  • The Big Picture

    Excavating and preparing fossils

    Let us take you on a brief sojourn around the byways of North Africa, meet our friends and colleagues, rummage around sandy sink holes, pack and ship the finds and finally erect from the phoenix mix art forms from nature which is intriguing, strikes accord and delights. Our snippet of life and work in the Western Sahara with friends...

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  • Survival Of The Crocodile!

    awesome crocodiles are still here

    It's incredible to think, millions of years ago, crocodiles such as the Dyrosaurus's we're swimming the lagoons and waters, waddling out onto the land and walking with dinosaurs like Spinosaurus. If these fossil leviathans of prehistory could talk to us, the story passed down from their ancestors that crawled in and out of the murky brine. According to a...

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