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Latest Posts

  • Creation Of The Crinoid Lily

    sea lily fossils for sale

    Crinoidea, Camerata, Crinoids were ancient marine dwellers which have inspired palaeontologist, film directors, documentarys and the articles relating to magazines such as the 'National Geographic'. Covering information relating to the sub specie, almost an undetermined type of life still...

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  • Story Of The Meteorite Fall

    Meteorite facts and how they enter earths atmosphere

    Sixty-five million years ago an object, possibly a comet a few times larger than the one landed on by the Philae probe, struck the Mexican coast triggering a global winter that wiped out the dinosaurs. In 1908, a smaller Meteor hit a remote part of Siberia devastating hundreds of...

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  • Fossil Mosasaurus Uncovered

    Prognathodon jaws in original fossil bed matrix

    Mosasaurs, the stuff of legend, fossil bones were first discovered in Maastricht, they were believed to be from mythical fire breathing dragons. Today we view them as the ultimate terrors of the late Cretaceous period, a marine hunting reptile scouring prehistoric warm shallow seas...

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  • The Evolution Of Birds

    flying reptiles

    The evolution of birds is a debate that continues to intrigue the palaeotological community. Evidence in the fossil record of flying creatures is continually increasing, Pterosaurs and toothless or false tooth birds and their connections to our modern Avifauna is part of a passion for knowledge...

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