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Mibadene Vanadinite | 2011 Discovery

A natural wonder of deep red Vanadinite minerals, a formation upon the original bedrock contrasting beautifully over the ancient matrix - now presented on THE FOSSIL STORE custom-designed AES | Bronze stand series...

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Stunning custom design mosaic wall featuring our wide range of bespoke fossil fish specimens from the heart of Wyoming USA
LUXE Green River Wall

Unveiling a unique Eocene aquarium wall dating 56,000,000 years. Within these magnificent tiles you begin to realise the ancient calcified-limestone tiles. Some of which capture the scene of what was once an ancient river...

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Introducing the AES Bronze stand series holding the worldly Vanadinite Minerals on their original matrix - also discover a rare collective of Fossil Trilobites, Fossil Ammonites + Dinosaur Vertebrate on our custom AES Brass stands for show-stopping spaces out there!


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Luxury Holzmaden Fossils For Sale

Shop the latest fossils for sale with our latest editions of Holzmaden fossils from lilies to ammonites from the famous region, Holzmaden. Holzmaden in Baden-Württemberg, South-Western Germany, a small town...

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Explore The Fossil Store SALE - 5% OFF!

Welcome to our 5% SALE in checkout - applies to all our collections and includes FREE UK Delivery! We're happy to continue presenting this opportunity to shop our luxury Palaeontological collections presented on THE FOSSIL STORE AES...

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Luxury Holzmaden Wall Projects

FLOWERS OF THE SEAS... A remarkable Holzmaden discovery of naturally preserved lilies - these fossils for sale are specifically designed to accommodate a unique look for any interior, whether for your home, a...

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Introducing an exquisite N.A. T-Rex | dinosaur Carcharodontosaurus toe claw on the AES | BRASS stand series!


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