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Discover the wonders of the prehistoric, the palaeontological, right here at your finger tips - we are THE FOSSIL STORE™.

A creatively rooted authentic UK FOSSIL company presenting interior-style fossils for luxury interiors around the world.


THE FOSSIL STORE™ is a creatively rooted, authentic UK fossil company in England presenting interior-style objects of curiosity for luxury interiors around the world. We strive to create high-quality fossil statements, showpieces, collective cases and much more, preserving the best of the past for your future! With uniquely sourced material from a variety of quarries, the chance to connect with our earth’s heritage of prehistory has never been more accessible. From intricately preserved trilobites to huge ammonite beds dating as far back as 340 million years, THE FOSSIL STORE™ is the perfect destination for those looking to add a unique touch to their home. No matter what you select, an item from THE FOSSIL STORE™ will last you a lifetime.


Scene from morocco excavation site


THE FOSSIL STORE™ offers a range of breathtaking, timeless pieces that embody the spirit of epochs gone by. Each and every one of our items has been carefully sourced for its remarkable beauty and impeccable quality so you can be sure of admiring a truly unique work of natural historic art for years to come. Whether it is an ancient trilobite set like our fossil walliserops trilobite, a modern wall-piece or an ammonite delicately set in light box stand, our designs exemplify the perfect fusion of elegance and distinction. Take your home and office décor too new heights with THE FOSSIL STORE™ and our captivating range of fossilised finds.


THE FOSSIL STORE fossil hunting


THE FOSSIL STORE™ is the source for luxury pieces from our holzmaden sea lily crinoids to our rose crystals mineral measuring 2 meters - perfect for personal collections and interior design alike. Utilising traditional restoration methods, we curate timeless artefacts and fossils with striking designs, highlighting the captivating natural and cultural history found within their collections. With options ranging from contemporary Ammonites mounted on bespoke stands to truly out-of-this-world dinosaur specimens, trilobites and meteorites, THE FOSSIL STORE™ has something for every style - all while ensuring that each piece is well-prepared using a special set of laboratory techniques for years to come.


THE FOSSIL STORE trilobite on our excavation site


For a look that will transcend your home into the past, we offer ethically sourced fossil fish tiles for a luxury fish mosaic wall to beautifully presented Mantelliceras ammonites on THE FOSSIL STORE™ custom designed stainless steel stand series. Perfect for creating a statement piece, not only will these fossils bring a historical yet timeless aesthetic to any interior, but all our fossils for sale are also a great investment for generations to come. With the promise of excellent preservation, these are heirlooms that can be cherish for lifetimes.



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