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Odontopteryx Gigas

Odontopteryx Gigas

The odontopteryx ranged globally and thought to have returned to its birthplace to reproduce, like the great Albatross of today. With a extremely fine, hollow bone structures to enable flight, the Odontopteryx had a light construction which may not have normally supported strenuous activity such as diving into the ocean for prey as often depicted to scoop prey from the surface or under the surface.

The enigmatic Pelagornithidae birds narrowly missed early man, Homo habilis 2.6,000,000 years, Pelagornithidae birds are found in the fossil record from the Palaeocene to the end of the Pliocene, a reign of 50,000,000 years. Like the great Albatross, the Odontopteryx had a 3.5 m wingspan. It is estimated the largest of the Pelagornithidae attained 5 to 6 m wingspans, with the ability to fly rather than soar, dominating the oceans in great numbers and ranging over much of the planet.

Genus: Pelagornithidae, Odontopteryx gigas, toothless/false toothed bird.
Age: Ypresian stage. Mesozoic, Palaeocene, 66,000,000 to 48,000,000 years.
Origin: Khouribga, Ouled Abdoun Basin, Oued Zem, Morocco, North Africa.

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