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Dromaeosaur Raptor

Dromaeosaur Raptor

Dromaeosauridae is a family of bird-like Raptors (bird-hipped) - small to medium in size and notably believed to have had feathers. These carnivorous Dromaeosaur raptors flourished during the Cretaceous, some 99,000,000 years ago. The name Dromaeosauridae translates; running lizards, from the Greek Dromeus, meaning runner. Dromaeosaurid has been discovered in several geological origins including North America, England, Mongolia and lastly North Africa, where are specimens derive from; Tegana formation of Kem Kem, Morocco.

Genus: Dromaeosauridae. Dromaeosaur Raptor - Feathered Raptor
Age: Mesozoic era, Cretaceous period, 112,000,000 to 89,000,000 years.
Origin: Tegana, Red beds, Kem Kem, Nr Arfoud, Er-Rachidia, Morocco, N. Africa.

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