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Berber Five Panel Thuya Wood Door - * SOLD *


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Berber five panelled Thuya wood door, the Thuya tree genus Thuja articulate, or Tetraclinis articulate, belongs to the cypress family, a conifer found across Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Malta and Cartagena in south-east Spain, preferring dry arid conditions. The ancient door with inscriptions including stars, windows and crosses and a stylistic mosque tower to the upper left corner. Also, a simple repair with a palm wood panel illustrates the use and domestic importance of these doors to their owners, the portals are in some cases extremely old decoration being added to or inscribed by different generations of the Berber family.

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A rustic Berber home door constructed with five panels and a solid wooden post or hinge. The panels secured verso by three horizontal worked tree limb beams and iron handmade nails. One panel has been replaced with palm wood. The other panels have been etched or carved with traditional designs of Arabic arched top window and five-point star designs, another star with eight or nine points, an elongated tower shape with triangular decoration and other inscribed designs.

The erosive climate of the desert creates over time a unique and wonderful sun-bleached surface to the wood panels. This only reinforcing the hardship of the traditional Berber and Tuareg lifestyle of yesteryear and of more modern times still. The doors often found with inscriptions, geometric images, objects and stylistic motifs of nomadic importance. Some of the designs are so intricate they support the original owners past status or wealth in the local community.

The doors are an integral part of the social culture and history of the Berber peoples of Saharan North Africa. The door the main portal to the home, protecting the family from the harsh elements of the region. Decorations and symbols of well being and prosperity being passed down over generations are incised into these doors, some meanings have been lost to time, others of a more modern nature have been over carved, these over carvings offer a cultural link and display a naivety of craftsmanship which is very appealing.