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Luxury fossil decor for the home interior wall


Welcome to 'The Wall'! We are starting new projects with great innovations for the interior world and the concept of fossils as wall art, well they speak for themselves. We...

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Ammonite cleoniceras bracelet jewellery

Valentine Jewellery... Make it historic

So show her how much your love is set in stone for all time with a select handcrafted semi-precious mineral and fossil jewellery love token. And for those budding palaeontologists...

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Megalodon shark tooth

The Megalodon Shark Tooth!

FOSSIL MEGALODON SHARK TEETH Megalodon the terror of the Cenozoic oceans may well have been edged into extinction by one of the most docile mammals on the planet but new...

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Elosuchus Crocodile

Fossil Elosuchus Cherifiensis Crocodile

FOSSIL ELOSUCHUS CROCODILE We have recently listed some amazing crocodile fossils among which is a highly important Elosuchus jaw element. This consists of 24 teeth in a three-dimensional Elosuchus imperator...

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Meteorites for sale

Story Of The Meteorite Fall

CREATION OF THE METEORITE A Meteor is a fractured piece of an asteroid or comet which orbits the sun. Upon entering the Earth's atmosphere a Meteor burns creating the effect...

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Mosasaurus Fossils

Fossil Mosasaurus Uncovered

Mosasaurs from the deep... As the Cretaceous period drew inexorably to it's closing chapter, Plesiosaurs and Ichthyosaurs vanished from the fossil record, Mosasaurs (over a period of around the last...

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Dinosaur bird fossils

The Evolution Of Birds

Where have all the dinosaurs gone... Pelagornithidae birds evolved around the time that the dinosaurs disappeared from the planet, the end of the Cretaceous period approximately 65 to 64 million...

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Dinosaur fossils for sale

The Dinosaur Hunt

Dinosaur hunting! Welcome to our Dinosaur hunt, It all begins here, intrigued by the unknown with an unquantifiable amount of preliminary research, preparation and planning, mounting up to a moment in...

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Spinosaurus dinosaur claw

Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus Fossil

Spinosaurus Bone Interior Display... The partial tibia tells a partial story of a battle of behemoths. The surface of the Spinosaurus leg bone in the upper part of the fossil...

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Trilobite fossils for sale

Invertebrate Notes

The appearance of trilobites in the fossil record is recorded in the sedimentary layers of the Cambrian period some five hundred and forty million years ago, that is quite a...

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Mammoth fossils for sale

Record Breaking Mammoth Tusk Sells

Recently very positive results at Fossil Auctions has strengthened confidence for fossil Mammoth tusks and bucked the trend of undulating markets in slow periods. The Fossil Store has seen good...

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Fossil investments

Fossils Prove To Be A Favourable Investment

In a spectacular section of fossils and minerals the international auction company Christie's, once again took record prices in their auction rooms in Knightsbridge, London. Fossils proved to outperform the mineral offerings....

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Spinosaurus dinosaur tooth

Premium Spinosaurus Dinosaur Teeth

The Moroccan Spinosaurus story is a remarkable one, one which could possibly eclipse even the infamous North American Tyrannosaurus rex! Quite a statement, yet think of a world-shattering discovery of...

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Petrified wood slice

How Does Fossil Wood Form

In the case of North America and for want of a better example lets discuss here the great petrified forests of Arizona. These once-great tropical forests experienced a cataclysmic event....

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Ammonites for sale

The Ancyloceras Heteromorph Ammonite

Introducing our latest Ancyloceras Heteromorph Ammonite from North Africa, one of a kind and a beautiful presentation for interiors and especially for this ammonoid genus type. With rare inclusions of Nautilus...

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Lizard in copal

A Gecko lizard captured in time!

A remarkable story of a little gecko that travelled halfway around the world in miles and through hundreds of thousands of years. Our story begins with a transatlantic flight to...

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