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THE FOSSIL STORE™ is not outsourcing material at this time.


At this time we do not require outsourced items.
Our own resource meet our own demands
Keep checking back for updates

As we continue to improve our collections we wish to bring our fossils up to a standard that surpasses all - to do this we are continuing to use our own excavation sources and long term colleagues of over 3 decades.


We appreciate your need to sell you fossils and wish you the best of luck selling your items elsewhere.




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Beautifully presented Hoplitoides ammonite fossils for sale

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We are unable to respond unless the following requests are completed...

“ It is important the checklist is understood and completed in full. All requirements can be found below - please make sure all requests are completed for us to respond - All transcripts between all parties are kept confidential - by contacting us you acknowledge and accept our terms. ”

- Enquiry response time : 1 - 2 weeks.
- We are unable to respond to enquiries that do not meet requirements.


    “ Please send high-resolution photographs of your item/s including all sides and close ups - please use natural/honest light. "


    “ All dimensions are required whether; height, width, depth or diameter. We require a hand shot for any single item for scale. ”

    3. PRICING.

    “ Please provide a price for all items submitted for us to be able to respond. ”


    “ Any items that require certification or documentation to prove legalities must be provided. We do not accept or deal in specimens deemed illegal in any way whatsoever no matter their location. ”


    “ We cannot conduct enquiries through third-parties. ”

    6. VETTING.

    “ Examination by us is required prior any agreements. Once your item/s is/are vetted by us, we can conclude dealings. ”

    7. POSTAGE.

    “ On agreement, confirmation of our postal address will be sent to you to send your item/s for us to examine upon which we will conclude acceptance of your item/s. If for any reason we are not satisfied or your item/s is/are not as described we will return you item/s at your cost. ”


    “ Average response time: 1 week. ”
    “ Average examination time (after receiving item): 1 week. ”



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