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NWA Meteorite on Bronze - 446g


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An Eloquently displayed Chondrite meteorite presented on our collective (in-house) designed custom bronze stand. This meteorite has separated from a substantial meteor at some point in time whilst travelling through space, eventually entering the earth’s stratosphere where it was discovered near Zuwairat in North Africa. Meteorites are formed of semi-molten particles, the solar nebula and by accumulation or coalescence, such particles merge to form asteroid belts, however, usually colliding with planets, especially planets with a strong gravitational pull.

- Asteroid debris fall form Meteors, Meteor debris are Meteorites.
- Chondrites originate from asteroids orbiting our solar system.
- Displaying a glossy and molten surface formed by extreme temperatures.
- Interior structure can be observed where surface impact fractures occur.
- Chondrite meteorites contain chondrules, (microscopic spheres) building blocks of our planetary systems.
- Science identifies Chondrite meteorites consisting of up to approximately 20% iron + nickel.
- Chondrules are formed by molten particles of the solar nebula - a process of accumulation or coalescence.
- Chondrites differ from iron meteorites by consisting of lower iron content.
- Chondrites provide scientific analytics, giving insight into the age of our solar system.

Origin: Discovered near Zuwairat, Mauritania, class H5, North W. Africa [NWA].
Age: Undetermined.

Meteorite measurements.
Length: 10.4 cm
Width: 7.5 cm
Depth: 2.3 cm

Overall measurements.
L 19 x W 7.5 x D 6.0 cm

Meteorite weight: 0,446 g
Overall weight: 0,000 g

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