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Welcome to our Fossil category where you'll find some rather special selections, whether you are looking for a small fossil gift or a large interior fossil statement piece for yourself or someone special, here we have a wide range of museum quality fossils for sale; Ammonites that sit elegantly in your living-space surmounted and classically displayed on our custom designed bronze plinths or wall features that transcend your personal style and passion for historic themes into reality.

Discover a geological world of fossils from an ancient-prehistoric world from magnificent Mosasaurus fossil skulls, Dyrosaurus and Sarcosuchus crocodile skulls, Spinosaurus dinosaur and Carcharodontosaurus dinosaur fossils to Dinosaur bones, stunning fossil pecten shells including many other molluscs and echinoids and many more spectacular fossils for you to browse and buy.

  1. Phacops Speculator Trilobite 44mm

    Phacops Speculator Trilobite 44mm

    A Phacops speculator trilobite, the authentic and superbly preserved ancient arthropod exhibiting exceedingly well the attributes of the genus type, the remains of the carapace inflated on the original fossil matrix (limestone fossil rock bed) in which the invertebrate perished long ago. Genus: Phacops (Phacops) speculator G.K.B. Alberti, 1970 Order: Phacopida, family: Phacopidae Age: Mid Devonian period, Eifelian stages 393,000,000 to 388,000,000 Origin: Jebel Issoumour, Hamar Laghdad formation, Morocco, North Africa. Phacops Speculator measurement. Height: 1.1 cm Length: 4.4 cm Width: 2.7 cm Overall measurement. Height: 5.4 cm Length: 5.2 cm Width: 8.6 cm Weight: 259 g Learn More