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  1. Framed Orthoceras And Print front view

    Framed Orthoceras And Print 395mm

    Framed Orthoceras print 395mm signed by Ben Pickup with original fossilised Orthoceras Phragmocone. Presented in a glazed black frame with a glass front, Ben's art is wonderfully creative with fine detail. Includes authentication certificate. A fascinating piece curated for interiors. Showcasing good clarity of the specimen encased within the Devonian limestone with quartz inclusions in the chambers, dating around 400 million years. NB. Allow extra time for mounting and framing (We usually carry each specimen frame in stock where possible, seasonally busy selling times permitting) add one-two extra week/s to scheduled delivery time. Contact us for more information... Genus: Orthoceratites, Orthoceras Regulare. Age: Palaeozoic era, Devonian, approximately 417 to 354 million years. Origin: Tazzerine, Western Sahara Desert, Morocco, North Africa. Orthoceras frame measurements. Height: 28 cm Width: 39.5 cm Approximate weight: 1,145 g Learn More
  2. Orthoceras Monument On Steel Base

    Orthoceras Statement On Steel Base 6.3ft

    Each Orthoceras decor fossil display may vary in colour. Orthoceras monument on steel base curated for the world of interiors. This monumental Orthoceras has been handcrafted and expertly prepared, presenting the fossil orthicon specimens inner chambers creating this impressive Orthoceras sculpture, finished by surmounting onto a custom stainless steel base. The Orthoceras has been polished to reveal the mineral sedimentation's, revealing the minerals of calcite and quarts within. Genus: Orthoceras Phragmocone. Origin: Morocco, North Africa. Age: Palaeozoic era, Devonian period 390 to 380 million years. Stainless steel base measurements. width: 30 x 30 x 2 cm Orthoceras measurements. Av height: 200 cm Av width: 25 cm Ac weight: 40 Kg (The stainless steel base and support for the fossil Orthoceras phragmacone sculptures is made to order - please allow extra time for delivery) Learn More