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Molluscs for sale, the premium destination for high-quality fossil molluscs procured from around the world. In this section is other types of Mollusca. The ammonoid and Nautiloidea are also molluscs but have different chapters in our catalogue, please see those, we list here several clams, shells and bivalves which do not fit into our ammonites and nautilus categories.

  1. New Rare Opal Bivalve Shell

    Rare Mineralised Pecten Shell 120mm

    Rare Mineralised Pecten bivalve, Sowerby (1846) registered Santa Cruz as a locality which Charles Darwin collected bivalve specimens which were subsequently described by him. This locality along the estuary of Santa Cruz River is an area of the high cliff which falls away into the Atlantic at the mouth of the river. Genus: Pecten sp., Argopecten sp.? Age: Miocene period 20,000,000,000 to 5,000,000,000 years approximately. Origin: Caleta Olivia, Santa Cruz, Argentina, San Jorge Gulf, Atlantic Ocean Coast, South America. Clamshell measurements. Height: 4.0 cm Width: 12.0 cm Depth: 11.5 cm Approximate weight: 0,246 Kg Learn More