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  1. Prehistoric Cave Bear Skeleton

    Prehistoric Cave Bear Skeleton 6 - 7.2 ft

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    Prehistoric Cave Bear Skeleton, known as the Ursus Spelaeus and found in continental Europe is from the Pleistocene era dating back approximately 2,000,000 to 30,000 years. Genus: Ursus spelaeus. Age: Pleistocene, approximately 2,000,000 to 30,000 years. Origin: Continental Europe. Cave bears range between 6 ft to 7.2 ft dependant on availability. Approximate weight: 46+ kg Learn More
  2. Diplomystus Dentatus Fish 733mm

    Diplomystus Dentatus Fish 733mm

    The Diplomystus dentatus sp. fish is incredibly well preserved in the calcite bearing shale which was once the mud of an exotic prehistoric lagoon. The plate has been created by lifting the shale which is now part of the Rocky Mountain range in Wyoming. Once lifted the shales are split in an attempt to recover these rare occurrences of preserved fish skeletons. This particular fish is complete and displays excellent morphology for study. While also creating a superb and beautiful display, now encased in an oak frame and ready to hang. Read our fuller description below... Genus: Diplomystus dentatus sp. Age: Paleogene period, Lower to middle Eocene epoch, 53.5 to 48.5 million years ago. Origin: The Rocky mountains, Lake Gosiute, The Green River formation, Wyoming, United States of America. Framed Diplomystus dentatus sp. measurements. Height: 47.5 cm Width: 73.5 cm Depth: 5 cm Approximate weight: 10.3 kg Learn More