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Shark | Otodus Obliquus

Megalodon article and shark teeth for sale

Megalodon the terror of the Cenozoic oceans may have been edged into extinction by one of the most docile mammals on the planet. New research reveals conclusive evidence of the feeding habits of Megalodon. Alberto Collareta, of the University of Pisa, explains in the New Scientist magazine, that in his paper published in the Journal of Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology and Palaeoecology, for the first time we can establish what was the exact prey species of the Megalodon, the extinct 50 tonnes, 60 foot prehistoric Mega jaw-gapping 10 foot jaws, an ancient whale killer of the Oligocene and Pliocene epoch’s some 28,000,000 to 2,6000,000 years ago, a run of over 25 million years of terror before this magnificent species became extinct.