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  1. Diademaproetus Antatlasiusi Trilobite 31mm

    Diademaproetus Antatlasiusi Trilobite 31mm

    This Diademaproetus antatlasius trilobite 31mm has been prepared using pneumatic tools, finished with an air abrasive micro sand-blaster in a fossil Lab. The Trilobite is a Devonian period fossil arthropod, part of the invertebrate group. This uncommon trilobite genus is known for its long genal cheek spines and semi-circular (cephalon) head shield. A short rostrum (nose) and large defined thoracic segments. The naming of the genus Diadema suggests a similarity to the head-shield of a coronet crown shape, the coronet being the slim demi lune type of crown, the cephalon lateral border in this genus is likened to this. The specimen trilobite has been prepared to expose the exoskeleton (fossilised carapace), on its original matrix which is the bedrock. Genus: Diademaproetus Antatlasiusi (Superfamily Proetoidea. Tropidocoryphidae Family) Age: Middle Devonian, approximately 393 to 383 millions years. Origin: Djebel Oufaten, Alnif, Morocco, North Africa. Diademaproetus Antatlasiusi measurement. Height: 3 cm Width: 3 cm Depth: 3.1 cm Overall measurement. Height: 3.9 cm Width: 6.7 cm Depth: 6.1 cm Approximate weight: 162g Learn More