Making the right choice, for you ≈ Paleontological fossil investments

THE FOSSIL STORE™; Seen something you like and wonder if the investment will hold. Nothing is ever guaranteed, however, where there is quality, there is reward.

If you're not sure on what to look out for or which products will hold a greater investment, if any at all or which will bring me the best return for my money? You're in the right place!


Authenticity is key - certificate should be included
Look for aesthetics - nice bedrock prep is key too
Completion; at least 95% - always aim for 98-100%
Brand - do you trust the seller? Check their reviews - alway!
Price; THE FOSSIL STORE™ has some high value items + these are unrepeatable - watch out for sellers selling cheap wholesale items for a high price, shop around and test the market. Also remember, there are good fakes out there, but an expert can always tell on closer inspection. 
Minerals; did you know most minerals are lab grown! Most minerals out there don't hold the true value and most who own them, don't know this.


Always look for quality over size. No matter the market industry for your favoured specimen type.

Your first buy should always be to attain the best possible specimen which is near (if not) 100% complete. Now you're in the right place for buying but the price has increased after setting your goals high for that one genus type/specimen. So go smaller, it doesn't matter how much you have to spend.

There is in fact a vast variety of wonderful fossils out there up for the taking. It's just a matter of perception. If you don't have the funds available to buy what you want, then you can always save and wait a little longer, whether it's a year or more. Fossils do rise in price annually and sometimes these increases can be high, and this is due to localities and availability.

Sometimes, mines close, dams are built or governments lock down on their nation for export of fossils and minerals. These are all factors and it doesn't make it half difficult. But remember, It is rare for for these items to raise high in price overnight although the past 3 years of covid and now the recession, is just pushing the prices up on all specimens in the Palaeontological and Mineralogical world, as seen with all dealers.



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Beautifully presented Hoplitoides ammonite fossils for sale

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You can always enquire with businesses, like THE FOSSIL STORE™, to see if they offer finance, a lot of businesses are adapting quickly. And like us at THE FOSSIL STORE™, it helps to break down payments.

There is a lot of up and coming entrepreneurs trying to make a mark in the industry and often match the price of a reputable business with the same specimen, size and origin, but unfortunately the quality and prep work is not as good, and they still mark the price high.

So if you find yourself confused. It is very important to locate authentic reputable fossil companies online like THE FOSSIL STORE™ throughout the world to gauge (not only quality against badly preserved and prepared specimens) price over aesthetics. When we look at any specimen, we look for something unique, something pleasing to the eye, but foremost, if the quality of any specimen is not above 90%, we won't invest. This creates a higher return rate whilst curating a faster turn around within a competitive industry.

As a footnote it is always best to not invest in any specimen that has filler restoration. Of course, almost all specimens have some restoration to a point, with less than 3% being uncovered intact and without the need of any restoration at all - this is rare!

So make sure when you hear an item has been restored, always ask if there has been any fillers implemented in to the specimen/s and what is the complete authenticity of the specimen.

If you are looking to invest but you're not quite sure what to invest in, we recommend the following: [95%+ complete as a rule]

 these are always a winner and attain high value when they are above the 90% marker for aesthetic and authenticity.

Trilobites; trilobites are fascinating and when prepared right, they not only look magical, but they hold value and rise in value over time.

Megalodon Shark Teeth; everyone wants a 7" tooth! Don't go there, it's not worth the money unless you have the funds and the 7" you have in mind is 95%+ complete and natural and always, always avoid "over" polished specimens.

Meteorites; yes, meteorites! Meteorites are a great way to invest whether you're shopping for Moon Rock or NWA (North West African) Meteorites.

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