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Procuring the very best trilobites from the Coltraenia oufatenensis trilobite to the Kettneraspis issoumourensis alberti trilobite, let's not forget about the Akantharges mbareki trilobite, Harpes perradiatus trilobite, Cambropallas tellesto trilobite, Drotops megalomanicus struve trilobite and the famously renowned Spiny Ceratonurus trilobite and Paradoxides acadoparadoxides trilobite and our ever more popular, the Walliserops trifurcatus trilobite.

We guarantee authenticity across our entire product lines for peace of mind and include a certificate of authenticity with every individual item. Procuring the very best of the past for your future.

Each specimen is professionally excavated, expertly prepared and conserved to preserve the very best of the past whilst presenting the very best aesthetic for interior display on our custom stands and wall hanging fabrications.

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