Fossil Statements For Interiors

Statements for interiors...

We are delighted with the results of the fine mounting of our latest fossil finds. These fossils are cradled in bronze arms individually custom-fitted to each specimen and surmounted with a classic plinth or base, with a beautifully rich dark-toned bronze patina. 

A design suitable for the prized fossil specimens we procure and conserve, the fossil is carefully accessed by the technician who is really an artist when it comes to accent and display, each custom cradle takes into account the exhibit and securely and uniquely displays the fossil to its best advantage. A delightful composition of expertise coming together to create a natural history sculpture that will delight all viewers.

We have selected a broad spectrum of items to set into our classic range, these include prehistoric stone artefacts to huge dinosaur bones. Along with a range of wonderful ammonites. You can peruse all these items through our catalogue. The main theme we are developing is presenting the objects in their best light and ready for your interior setting, taking the work of display away from you and enabling smooth osmosis of acquisition as simple as possible.

We hope you enjoy our style and particularly the new revitalised range of classic bronze mounts. Watch the collection grow as new fossils are added to each section with bronze, limestone and marble. If you have any special requests and wish fossils you see in our catalogue to be mounted please get in touch, we can surmount almost anything!

Ammonite interior

We have been surmounting fossil for a long time, in fact, its been well over twenty-five years since we first put an ammonite onto a base stood back and exclaimed Wow. that moment we began and the development of our quite unique range of plinths have developed from that moment of Eureka in Iberia. Since then we have always strived to develop a satisfactory, way to mount very heavy and delicate artefacts, our fossil’s grace many rooms around the world.

Fish wall decor fossil interior

We are particularly proud of our large ammonite range, these heavy ammonites are secured onto a unique swivel system allowing a multitude of angles for the ammonite once set in place, angled to catch the vital natural and artificial light needed to shadow the enigmatic ammonites shell forms, the ribbing of chambers which are so appealing and which create depth and tone to the natural sculpture. 
Why not visit this section now on our fossil catalogue range of Ammonites on plinths. Our mounts are also very practical, large ammonites are detachable for easier transportation and shipping, so we can ship to all four corners of the world and that is where you will find these huge ammonites, our customers often remark we have seen something similar in Dubai, Dorset or Dallas, we explain, well that's our range getting about. 

Dinosaur interiors

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