Megalodon Shark teeth

Megalodon Shark, the fiercest predator of its time in the ocean. In the Miocene and Pliocene periods approximately 16 to 3 million years ago this monster shark would hunt other sharks, fishes and even sperm whales, cetaceans 23 million years ago to now. Whale vertebrae have been discovered with gouge marks made from the huge teeth of Carcharodon Megalodon shark.

 Megalodon shark teeth on bronze stand

 Sizing up Megalodon. In 1996 teeth measurements taken on a 6.6-inch tooth by Michael D. Gottfried, Leonard Compagno and S. Curtis Bowman were extrapolated to give an estimated size of 52 feet overall length for a large adult Megalodon. The largest tooth since this extrapolation study that we have knowledge of was approximately 7.1 inches, this then could give a shark well over 60 feet in length. The Megalodon could have attained a mass weight at these sizes of 50 to 60 tonnes and possibly as much as 65 tonnes. Its bite force would have been around 6 times greater than that of the largest modern Great White shark.

To give an idea of just how impressive Megalodon mass or size was, the teeth of the modern-day and most feared shark in our oceans, the Great White are an average of 1.5 inches, so Megalodon at 6 to 7 inches is perhaps likening the size relationship of that of a cat to a lion. Think of a modern Great White, as large or larger than a whale shark with a 10-foot gaping jaw full of hundreds of teeth and an insatiable appetite for flesh.

A typical shark has around 200 teeth, teeth were grown throughout the life of the shark, much like today’s sharks, these rotated forward as the teeth were lost or broken away. The teeth were left in their victims, much like the whale vertebra found with bite marks or fell to the seabed where modern-day specialist fossil teeth divers now discover them. Most of our collection of Megalodon teeth are discovered in South Carolina, by divers collecting each tooth by hand from the heavily silted murky bottom, which is co-inhabited with crocodiles along the waterways. These waters produce black and battleship grey teeth. In North Carolina, beautiful mahogany coloured teeth can be found. From Patagonia ivory-toned teeth.

side view angle of Megalodon shark teeth on stand

Our collection of fine and large Carcharodon Megalodon shark teeth show the typical features to be found in these bulky palm-sized specimens. Good serrations are the most important factor along with completeness of the triangular form of the tooth and finally the enamel surface when investing in Megalodon teeth. Like a fine stamp, all these three things must be in place to attain the best and rarest of teeth and hence most collectable and valuable.

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