Luxury interior wall-styled fossil decor

Welcome to 'The Wall'! We are starting new projects with great innovations for the interior world and the concept of fossils as wall art, well they speak for themselves.

Interior Ammonites

We have superb collections of fossil art, framed and ready to hang on that interior wall. If you're a fisherman, ichthyologist, aquarist, know a fish fan or just like your fish then you're in the right place. These will be coming anytime soon or before the 15 July 2016. 

Shovel-nose shark and Ray-fish fossil!

This is a very attractive Lebanese fossil fish plate, the fish placement creating an oceanic feel to your surroundings, you can't get much better in a Lebanese Ray fish plate and more unusual than this double specimen overlap plate. As if looking down into the depths the fish pass over and under one another giving a feeling of the deep blue.

A fossil ray-fish on a wonderful large limestone slab

Custom designs...

One of our supplied marine crinoid plates fixed into a custom alloy mount from behind, highlighting the importance of this wonderful and particularly rare specimen.

Holzmaden lily

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