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THE FOSSIL STORE™; a destination for exquisite show stopping fossils for sale accented for luxury fossil home decor, whether you are a collector or budding enthusiast, searching for an unique item of this calibre for you collection or home display is not always straight forward. This is why

THE FOSSIL STORE™ design every stand in-house, so you can relax with the knowledge, your display will look and always be on the top of its game.





New to the fossil experience, THE FOSSIL STORE™ has a buying guide right here > 

buyer guide should get you started but be ware, when shopping around online, you're shopping at your own risk. This guide will hopefully help you get on the right track with tips on what to look out for, what to expect and how to see between the lines between an authentic fossil specimen and a fake fossil specimen.

THE FOSSIL STORE™ fossils are globally sourced from quarries, digs and THE FOSSIL STORE™ commissioned expeditions and excavations. We then bring these back in-house where we prepare and prep all specimens. This allows us to really oversee all aspects of all processes to bring the very best to our online shop, right here at THE FOSSIL STORE™.