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Specialising in Ammonite Fossils of the world, whether procured from North Africa, Europe or ROW. THE FOSSIL STORE™ offers a selection of ammonites for collectors, interior designers and institutions. Our beautifully hand prepared specimen ammonite form a larger fossil collection, each ammonite has a natural history tale which will unfold with your accumulating knowledge as you pursue the online fossil catalogue. We take pride in procuring the best fossil ammonite specimens to offer within our online fossil shop THE FOSSIL STORE™.

From rare British asteroceras ammonites, to monumental Atlas Mountain ammonites of North Africa, we are sure you will be enthralled when browsing our selections of ammonites fossils for sale here.



IN-HOUSE Designs

Explore THE FOSSIL STORE™  to see our latest collections of AMMONITE Fossils on our custom AES stands series. Each specimen is selected for its aesthetic which is prepared in-house by Benjamin Allison. This is a precise process of immense work to curate wonders for those minimal and luxury spaces out there! 

Our ammonites on bases have been dispatched to the four corners of the earth and sit proudly on all major continents as a testament to our ability to create a superb quality and the classically designed sculptural feature having millions of years of cultural history supporting it. Take a peek at what we can offer you today, we think you will be very impressed with what we have to offer.


Discover The Ammonite

Ammonites are an integral part of our past, they are in the group of cephalopoda, cephalopods are with us today in the animal kingdom as ocotpi, cuttle fish, squids and nautili to name a few the family of the cephalopods group. Nautiloidea still swim in our oceans, these have the closest form to the extinct ammonites of the Cretaceous periods, the Cretaceous when the Ammonites became extinct. We have the most beautiful ammonites specimens for sale, many types and genera, the Kosmoceras, Rondiceras, Cadoceras, Audoliceras and Ancyloceras heteromorph, Cleoniceras ammonites and many more. For more information please see our Ammonite collections or visit THE FOSSIL STORE™ Homepage for the latest products available to buy.




Making History

THE FOSSIL STORE™, a family business has been preparing beautiful ammonites for luxury spaces since 1992. We make our own history with prehistorical artefacts, minerals and fossils, we like to unravel our prehistoric journey through time in creating exclusive fossil designs, join us and enjoy the journey as you study fossils from the past. So all that's left to say is enjoy browsing through our ammonites and other fossil selections and for more fossil ammonites like the ones you see here use the link, click on the image above to view all our fossils for sale. We hope you specifically enjoy your experience with us online and our high-resolution images of ammonites for sale.

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