Quartz minerals decor

From monumental amethyst crystal cavern over four feet tall. Amethyst is the birthstone of February, has been venerated since the times of ancient Greece 'The Greek word amethystos may be translated as not drunken', vessels made from amethyst were thought to prevent intoxication.

Quartz minerals originate from all over the world, Brazil, Madagascar and many more countries, one in particular, England. England is very well known for its Flourite and polished minerals, these are particularly rare for they are rather stunning in colour and large for their size, however, these are protected and it is not advised to collect in the United Kingdom for they are protected. There are many other countries from which you can buy Fluorite, but these laws may change making them all the rarer. So if you have a collection, hold them close, for their value is only sure to increase.

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