Fossil marble & Mineral bowls

Introducing something a little different for dining on those special occasions, also one of our favourite and trending lines is our unique collection of quartz and agate bowls, not forgetting the beautiful fossilised and mineralised marble ammonite bowls.

Quartz bowl

The Devonian limestone is hewn from time, or more precisely the Sahara desert, displays within the sedimentary rock a myriad of fossil crustaceans, from Nautilus, Orthoceras and goniatites these marine creatures once swam in the vast oceans of this world and have now formed the base rock of the Atlas mountains at the tip of Africa.

Now great blocks of marble are carved into fine handcrafted objects which we hope will delight you. Crafted from these immense block fault lines become apparent, they create a window into the past, in the fault, one can observe the movement of the earth itself.

Fossil bowl

Also highly decorative, making these a nice statement piece and frozen within the marble you can only imagine a timeless sea with an insight into the internal structures of the creatures which can be clearly observed.

Mineralised agate bowl

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