New Fossil Heteromorphs

New arrivals of fossil heteromorphs and whilst many Ammonoids have retained their spiral form, there are those which have desired other paths to survive natures wrath by uncoiling their spiral over many millions of years, like the Ancyloceras and Audoliceras heteromorph ammonites. Both rare and beautiful in their own right, these ammonites can top the chain when it comes to aesthetics. These wonderous specimens can be found beneath the ground in North Africa however to find one simetrically intact is another dimension altegether.

New arrivals of fossil heteromorphs date back to the Mesozoic era, early Cretaceous, Barremian stage, approximately 115 million years ago. Originating from Agadir in Morocco, North Africa.

These new arrivals of fossil heteromorphs are genuine fossils have always been difficult to find and it is only becoming more difficult with every year that passes. Many genus types offered on the market today are pieces of several ammonites combined, reconstituted with matrix and similar looking limestone rock found in the same location of the specimens. Our specimens are not artificially re-constructed, we highly dissaprove of this and only invest in the highly esteemed collections available making our sellections all the more desirable.

We're excited to introduce our new arrivals of fossil heteromorphs and you can see these under our Ammonoid section from the fossil menu on our website.

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