Deltadromeus Agilis Raptor

Deltadromeus agilis is a member of the raptor family, also know and often referred to as the Delta runner, for its predicted speed thanks to the research of scientists around the world. Deltadromeus discoveries are exceptionally rare, especially when we are locating a quality specimen. The Deltadromeus was extremely light and a fast on the ground with deadly killing claws to bring down their prey and dissect other dinosaurs with surgical precision.

The archetypical sabre curve of the famous Deltadromeus claws are menacing, weapons refined by evolution, the durable and deadly ungual claws were key to their survival. Overall the Deltadromeus agilis raptor truly was an exceptional dinosaur - no one can argue the heritage of the Deltadromeus.

Order: Saurischia.
Family: Neovenatoridae.
Genus: Deltadromeus agilis raptor - Delta runner.
Origin: Tegana formation of Kem Kem, Morocco, North Africa.
Age: Middle Cretaceous, Cenomanian stage, 100,000,000 to 93,000,000 years.

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