Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus Fossil

Spinosaurus Bone Interior Display...

The partial tibia tells a partial story of a battle of behemoths. The surface of the Spinosaurus leg bone in the upper part of the fossil dinosaur tibia scoured with claw marks, the marks caused by the ferocity of blows which surely brought the large mature dinosaur to its fatal end. We can only speculate the fate of this individual in life, in the fossil bone pathology we can observe the trail of blows to the mainstay leg bone which kept the dinosaur stable, able to defend itself and fend off further attack…

Spinosaurus Dinosaur Fossil Rib

We are delighted with the results of the fine mounting of our latest dinosaur trophy. The cradle wraps around the stable bone securing it in the life posture for display. The plinth finishes the fully custom-designed stand, beautifully toned with rich dark bronze patina. 

Spinosaurus Dinosaur Fossil Tooth

A mount is suitable for the prize, the dinosaur tibia stout and solid now excavated from the fossil Red Beds of the Taouz formation. A Hamada of the Sahara western desert between Algeria and Morocco.

Spinosaurus Dinosaur Fossil claw

The Spinosaurus dinosaur lived in the Cretaceous period, Spinosaur's were believed to be mainly fish eaters, great sharks were its prey along with other large aquatic marine life. In swamps, lagoons and shallow seas of the region at that time in the Cretaceous ferocious crocodiles roamed. Carcharodontosaurus a theropod bigger than T’Rex competed with Spinosaurus for prey and this could have been the demise of this particular Spinosaur aegypticus. It is recorded in the pathology of the bone, gouging scar’s draw across the bone, these claw marks penetrated the flesh and muscle of the huge leg cutting into the bone, a crippling wounding, perhaps a blow like this would have felled the Spinosaurus enabling the larger predator to successfully end this individuals life. We shall probably never know, however, the evidence of the battle is recorded here.

Spinosaurus Dinosaur Fossil bone

An exceptional fossil dinosaur bone, telling a rare story through its pathology, a great prehistoric scene from the time of the largest predators ever to have roamed the earth. Visit our dinosaur, Spinosaur fossil product listings to see many more images of this specimen tibia and the blows that felled the beast.

 Spinosaurus Dinosaur Fossil tibia

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