Shark Teeth Display For Your Interior

Designed and created in-house, The Fossil store brings to you a series of fossil in frames with a signed print. The science is that these teeth are found in a 70 million-year-old fossil bed in the middle of Morocco. A by-product of a state-commissioned mining industry which cuts through arable land. The indigenous family farming communities at this location are the only persons allowed to work and tend the land, the mining region is governed and patrolled as a secure area. The farmers have become fossil hunters and add to their income by selling their finds.

Framed fossils
The array of well over two thousand amazingly well preserved 70 million-year-old octopus obliquus shark, an ancient mackerel and sand shark tooth display is quite remarkable. The examples here have been finished in a black painted box and glazed frame.

Here are other designs and one-off commissions, interior designs which show the versatility of the medium of fossil teeth from this region when used in the frame format. The frames here are finished in white softwood. Browse our catalogue for more ideas and pricing, then contact us to discuss your needs.

Custom fish frame wall interior

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