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Make Valentines Day Historic With An Ammonite Bracelet!

From small fragmentary pieces of the Meteorite with fall origins of Gran Chaco Gualambo, Chaco in Argentina, which is a Type IA, Discovered in 1572 and no one knows which part of the universe this earth strike came from and its space-age is unknown, all we can definitely say is it is at least 13.6 billion years old, the approximate age of the universe!

Or this perfectly complete and whole parabolic oriented ellipsoidal meteorite which beautifully illustrates the effects of force and friction when entering the earth's stratospheres, this example exhibits the fusion crust, the result of burning through the atmosphere at something from 25,000 miles per hour, to a maximum speed of 160,000 mph!

The fragmentary chondrite meteorite above termed an NWA fall, as it was discovered in the northwestern Saharan Desert of Africa has a typical patina, known as a desert 'varnish', this is the weathering which has occurred on the surface of our planet post-fall during the harsh conditions in the desert ténéré, with thousands of years of sandstorms and freezing nighttime temperatures helping to give this meteorite its NWA signature.

Ammonite bracelet

All these intriguing finds emanating from the greater outer space have crashed through the atmospheres of the earth and now at The Fossil Store the cost of owning one of the wonders of our planet and the solar system has crashed down in our 30% off all meteorites for your loved one at valentines. Give something from out of this world, we are sure it will make a big impact!

Ammonite bracelet

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