About Richard Allison




 Richard brings many attributes to the table, when our team needs more inspiration or a slight nudge in the right direction, he's our man. Creator of The Fossil Store, Richard has nurtured his second lifestyle micro business from the early 90's making it what it is today. One of the leading fossil entrepreneurs of his time, we will see more great things in the future. Ever growing and learning, he continues to surprise us with his wisdom in business and on our modern lives. 


1969 - 2017

Founder & CEO


About Benjamin Allison




With other ventures and prospects in the background Benjamin continues to strengthen The Fossil Store from within, whether it's from marketing strategies to web promotions, photography to editorial, website and graphic design to media creative or preparation and design. Benjamin like his father has a keen eye for esteemed collectibles. He's the backbone when it comes to preparation, working on a variety of fossils from small dinosaurs and marine reptiles to larger fossil features designed for interior statements.


2002 - 2017

Partner & Director


About Dean Hinchey




Dean Hinchey's infectious charactor brings a sense of well being to The Fossil Store team, with his knowledge in logistics, he is an asset even when touring as a full time signed PRO Snowboarder. 'Deano' to his friends spends many seasons entering tournemants and contributes to the creation of resorts in Japan and Australia. He contributes to us with a high ground of morale enthusiasm, bringing a great warmth to the team and wherever his venture lead him..


2014 - 2017

Logistics Manager


About Danny Allison




Danny’s vivacious nature is like a shot of very strong coffee every morning! whatever the challenges on the table Danny has the modus operandi in place. A superb illustrator and photographer in his own right which can be seen on Danny Allison's Website. Danny has been involved in The Fossil Store domestic and overseas exhibitions, expeditions sales, and website photography since 2005. Recently his influence has been more of an advisory capacity while working in Saudi Arabia with media partners for one year. Recently Danny has returned to the UK and is working as hard as ever, an important part of our team.


2010 - 2017

Photographer & Illustrator