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Straw Stalactite 191mm


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A stalactite from Gaoming and the Xiqiao hills, Nanhai county south of the cities of Foshan and Zhaoping in the Province of Guangdong, China. This remarkable dog-toothed crystal form developed over a stalactite forming in the cave systems of Guangdong, which could have formed thousands or even millions of years ago. Read the Oxford University report about how these stalactite and crystal formed in the Cambrian and Jurassic period rocks of ancient China.

Provenance: The collection of a gentleman.
Genus: Straw Stalactite, Dog-tooth spar crystals.
Origin: Gaoming and the Xiqiao hills, Nanhai county, Province of Guangdong, China
Age: Paleozoic era, Jurassic period 205 to 135 million years.

Straw Stalactite measurements.
Height: 19.1 cm
Width: 10.2 cm
Depth 5.0 cm

Straw Stalactite weight: 690 gr

Straw Stalactite in box weight: 1450 gr

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A superb 'dog-tooth spar' Straw Stalactite form, originating from Guangdong province, China. These stalactites grew in caves, given a stable temperature and moisture the action of water permeating through a sedimentary host rock effectivly dissolved grain by grain and transported and redeposited on the cave ceilings, walls and floors the saturated solution creating stalactite and stalagmites. This process took thousands of years in some cases even millions of years creating large features. In this region of China feature rock of the Cambrian and Jurassic period, the mountains being laid down roughly 500 to 200 million years ago. Caves formed in the mountains and in the caves the stalactites formed. Precisely dating these features is difficult, if a cavern re-opened due to land movement the atmosphere changed and the minerals could slow or stop growing.

The process of growing a Straw Stalactite was that firstly the stalactite would form a smooth surface through deposition of the host rock sediments, later further crystallisation would take place and grow the dog-tooth crystals over the initially laid down surface. Crystal formations such as this need advantageous environments to grow, as mentioned above, once disturbed this changes the environment and the crystals alter or stop their growth cycle. Please read the accompanying document from Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

Additional Information

Age Jurassic
Origin China
Colour Brown