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Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus Dinosaur Tooth 110mm


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Spinosaurus fossil tooth exhibiting an archaic appearance to the speckled dentin enamel. A remarkable fossil discovery. For more information on the Spinosaurus please continue...

Genus: Spinosaurus aegyptiacus.
Age: Mesozoic era, Cretaceous period, Cenomanian 112 to 93 & Turonian stages 93 to 89 million years ago.
Origin: Tegana formation, the horizon of continental Red beds, Kem Kem sequence, near Arfoud, province of Er-rachidia, Northern Sahara, S.E.Morocco, North Africa.

Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus tooth measurement.
Diameter: 3.2 cm
Length: 11 cm

Approximate weight: 0,046 g

spinosaurus scale

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The features of this remarkable fossil dinosaur tooth are its robust nature, large size and condition of preservation. The stout tooth has a large hollow root cavity something not normally seen form this fossil location. This hollow root is deep and the tooth was unearthed quite unusually free of matrix, matrix is the sediment or limestone rock of the fossil bed, in this case a fortuitously loose, grainy aggregate sandy rock. The whole tooth feels solid and stable in the hand. This is most unrepresentative of the normal fragile fossil teeth from this region, where the root is normally filled with tough limestone matrix. That type of matrix is normally impossible to completely remove and too remove all internal matrix without damaging a tooth. That type of tooth requires stabilisation and much more conservation to be handled safely for study and display. This particular example is therefore quite a rarity and a rare opportunity to sturdy the internal morphology of the tooth root.


An aesthetically and morphologically appealing collectors Spinosaurus dinosaur tooth from the Tegana formation, the province de Kasr-es-Souk in Kem Kem, Northern Sahara. Dating back to the Mesozoic era, early Cretaceous, approximately 112 to 97 million years ago. The well preserved tooth enamel displays a deep mahogany tone with a glossy fossil bed patina. The strong curvature and general overall condition is excellent.


Understandably, many dinosaur teeth are damaged or worn due to either actual life wear and tear while in the dinosaurs mandibles or from the fossilisation process and also during the extraction process at the fossil site, particularly if any specimen tooth is of a fragile nature having been in the fossil bed for millions of years. Notably the overall outcome and condition of fossils generally depends on the fossil site and fossil beds themselves, exposure to the elements, flooding which is becoming more common in certain areas causing further affect on the excavation process’s.


There are many influences and occurrences which play a major role on the overall outcome and extraction process's when considering the value of these Dinosaur fossils and the diminishing resource, in this region of the world, particularly of this unique deposition in the red beds of Kem Kem. Complete undamaged teeth are limited in occurrence, it requires a lot of collecting time, numerous hours, days and even weeks in the field to acquire such a fine example. A classic Spinosaurus tooth from a class A location which is now producing fewer teeth of quality due to fossil beds become overworked. Tailings or spoils are re-worked and soon to be extinguished due to the finite resource of the actual fossils therein. Coupled with political and military unrest in the region between the two of the most powerful North African states, making collecting along the Moroccan Algerian borders ever more problematic for the local communities dependant of the income fossicking generates, the local Berber fossickers.


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Uncovering the Spinosaurus dinosaur from the Western Sahara in Africa