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Framed Otodus Obliquus & Carcharias Africana Shark Teeth Quartet Frames 1.4m


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Shark teeth quartet frames exclusively curated for the world of interiors. This attractive and fascinating display of Otodus obliquus shark teeth will make a great wall statement for any feature wall. Exceptionally large fossil shark teeth with superb preservation.

Genus: Otodus obliquus (Mackerel) shark teeth.
Genus: Carcharias Africana (Sand) shark teeth.
Age: Moyen in the Atlas mountains of North Africa.
Origin: Cenozoic era, Palaeocene, Eocene epoch, approximately 60 to 45 million years.

Shark teeth quartet measurements.
Height: 140 cm
Width: 140 cm
Depth: 5 cm

Approximate weight: 15 Kg

Otodus Obliquus ratio to man scale of 32 feet vs 6ft Carcharias Africana ratio to man scale of 8.2 feet vs 6ft

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Shark teeth quartet frames, a premium selection of ‘Serratolamna Aschersoni, Otodus Obliquus’ fossil shark teeth. Commonly known as reef, sand and mackerel sharks. Each circular row has been segregated into the individual species of shark with one row larger than the previous.

Originating from Moyen in the Atlas mountains of North Africa, all of high-quality, extremely beautiful and rare for there quality and preservation. Dating back to the Cenozoic era, Palaeocene from the Eocene epoch, approximately 60 to 45 million years ago.


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Additional Information

Age Paleocene
Origin Morocco