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Otodus Obliquus & Carcharias Africana Shark Teeth Quartet Frames 1.4m


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An Important set of Shark teeth arranged in a quartet frame exclusively curated for a world of interiors by the design team here at The Fossil Store. The original concept conceived by our founder and produced in Morocco, an attractive and fascinating display of original fossilised Otodus obliquus shark teeth among other genus types which makes for a very a dramatic natural history statement. Read the full description below.

Genus: Otodus obliquus (Mackerel) shark teeth.
Genus: Carcharias Africana (Sand) shark teeth.
Age: Moyen in the Atlas mountains of North Africa.
Origin: Cenozoic era, Palaeocene, Eocene epoch, approximately 60 to 45 million years.

Shark teeth quartet measurements.
Height: 140 cm
Width: 140 cm
Depth: 5 cm

Approximate weight: 15 Kg

Otodus Obliquus ratio to man scale of 32 feet vs 6ft Carcharias Africana ratio to man scale of 8.2 feet vs 6ft

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The largest Shark teeth quartet frames, with excellent preservation; the premium selection of ‘Serratolamna Aschersoni, Otodus Obliquus’ fossil shark teeth. Commonly known as reef, sand and mackerel sharks.

Each row has been designed and segregated into a particular individual species of shark, within in ever decreasing in size rows of teeth set in a circle design.

We look at the quartet as a work of fossil art, the four elements making up a whole, one could hang these in any desired configuration, on one wall or more than one wall, or possibly in an asymmetrical accent as opposed to the symmetrical accent pictured here.

The fossil teeth originating from the Middle Atlas mountains of North Africa, all the teeth included in these frames are of the high standard of quality, rare and for the quality of preservation.

Dating back to the Cenozoic era, Palaeocene from the Eocene epoch, approximately 60,000,000 to 45,000,000 years ago.

The quartet in 'black frames' are a unique creation of the fossil store; currently, we have one set pictured here if you require more than one quartet we can at the time of writing accommodate an order on a pro forma commission basis.


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