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Quartz Bowl & Agate Pebbles 1ft


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A beautiful hand-carved semi-precious-stone translucent Quartz bowl. The quartz mineral polished to an exacting standard exhibiting a glass-like fine and tactile to the touch surface, from the Fianarantsoa Province, found in Madagascar.

Learn more about the hardness of semi precious stone and the Mohs scale of hardness.

Supplied with a group of assorted quartz-agate polished stones exhibiting mottled and variegated bands.

Type: Quartz.
Formula: SiO2.
Age: Since the Paleozoic era.
Origin: Itremo massif, Itremo Commune, Ambatofinandrahana District, Amoron'i Mania Region, Fianarantsoa Province, Madagascar.

Quartz bowl measurements.
Length: 32.0 cm
Height: 13.0 cm

Weight: 8,200 Kg

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A superb quality quartz bowl, created from one large piece of the semi-precious mineral, often referred to as 'rock crystal' and fashioned out of this naturally growing mineral over the centuries by modern man, although some of the minerals are much older and formed millions of years ago.

The craftsmen have worked the hardstone quartz too finely hone and finish this beautiful bowl, in the process the natural flow lines of the semi-precious mineral have guided the eventual outcome of this unique object. Quartz is listed high on the Moh's scale of hardness, ( Mohs scale of hardness. ) very close in hardness for a semi-precious stone as diamond. Among the best in the world, quartz discovered from this location and source has a wonderful appeal and enchanting natural material which delights all.

Here you can learn more about the hardness of semi-precious stone and the Mohs scale of hardness.