Pseudocryphaeus Trilobite 59mm

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Pseudocryphaeus Trilobite 59mm


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The excellently preserved fossil exoskeleton or carapace of the once living arthropod is petrified in a upward prone stance over the seabed which entombed it four hundred million years ago. Read the complete description below...

Genus: Pseudocryphaeus Trilobite.
Age: Lower Devonian, Pragian age, 411 to 408 million years.
Origin: Ihandar Formation, Jbel El Mrakib, Morocco, North Africa.

Pseudocryphaeus Trilobite measurements.
Length: 5.9 cm
Width: 5.2 cm
Depth: 4.7 cm

Overall measurements.
Height: 8 cm
Width: 8.8 cm
Depth: 6.2 cm

Approximate weight: 256 g

Supplied with wooden shipping box as seen in the photographs.

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Pseudocryphaeus trilobite also known as ‘Pseudocryphaeus’, re-classified and re-named. Pseudocryphaeus dates from the early or lower Devonian Period, the Pragian stage, approximately 411 to 408 million years. The main differences between the two genus trilobite types are the cephalon genal spines and pygidium anatomy.

The fossilised arthropod has a unique prone stance on the matrix, fossil bedrock. The glabella rostrum or spine is erect in an upward frozen position, as if the little arthropod was trying to rise above the silts which must have engulfed its last moments before petrification and eventual fossilisation.

The constituent parts of the trilobite are clearly depicted in the images above, the glabella, head, the main thoracic segments of the thorax, with thoracic lobes and terminal spines and the pygidium or tail section has free lappets-spines. Minicryphaeus giganteus trilobite will be supplied and shipped in a wooden case as illustrated above.

Class: Trilobita, Order: Phacopida, Suborder: Phacopina, Superfamily: Acastoidea, Family: Acastidae, Subfamily: Asteropyginae, Genus: Minicryphaeus Bignon & Crônier, 2013.

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Age No
Origin Morocco
Colour Black

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