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Petrified Araucaria Tree Slices


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Petrified Araucaria tree slices which make wonderful place settings, polished to a hard finish, exceedingly durable and attractive. From Madagascar and dating from the Triassic period, Olenekian stage, approximately 250 to 247 million years ago. Petrified literally means the transformation cell by cell of any organism into stone through a process of ossification, read more on this below...

Genus: Petrified Araucaria araucana wood.
Age: Mesozoic era, Early Triassic period, Olenekian stage, approximately 250 to 247 million years.
Origin: Ambilobe, Madagascar.

Average Araucaria tree slice measurement.
Length: 16.1 cm
Width: 12.2 cm
Depth: 1.2 cm

Approximate weight: 2,078 Kg

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Petrified araucaria tree slices of petrified wood, each slice a natural chart of the life of the ancient megaflora. Each section displaying rings of varying colour these revealing the age of the tree. The colour differences are due to mineral inclusions of mainly silica, calcium carbonate and quartz, leading to chalcedony, these minerals were absorbed by the decaying tree at a cellular and vascular level, through a process of a type of osmosis, mineral laden water being absorbed through each vascular cell of the felled organism. Petrifying and eventually fossilising the prehistoric trunk of the now extinct plant.

The attractive fossilised wood sections have subtle colourations of neutral creams and beige with darker patches. The surrounding bark has preserved very well with a clear resemblance to it's form and colour of the prehistoric forrest of Madagascar from the Triassic period. Overall these are fine examples of the flora family araucaria. The tissue replaced by the minerals mentioned above which are now hardened into a petrified wood of the semi precious gemstone Jasper.

Additional Information

Age Triassic
Origin Madagascar
Colour Beige