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Petrified Araucaria Tree Section


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Petrified Araucaria tree section from Madagascar dating back to the Mesozoic era, Olenekian stage, approximately 250 to 247 million years ago. Petrified literally means the transformation cell by cell of any plant life to stone. The petrification is the fossilisation by permineralization of the plant tissues. Minerals by the action of water deposit in an anoxic environment, lacking in oxygen, silicas such as quartz along with other mineral on a cell by cell level transforming the tissue when it is in the state of decay, replacing the organic tissue, in this case the tree wood, while retaining the three dimensional form. The oxygen can be taken out of the environment of deposition of the wood in several ways, one thought to be relevant in the Triassic period was the action of volcanic ash smothering the upright trees like some Pompeiian calamity. Also by heavy sedimentation, when the tree is fallen, in water sodden sediments the anoxic environment forms as above and as decay starts the process of petrification and ultimately fossilisation begins.

Genus: Petrified Araucaria araucana wood.
Age: Mesozoic era, Early Triassic period, Olenekian stage, approximately 250 to 247 million years.
Origin: Ambilobe, Madagascar.

Araucaria tree section measurements.
Height: 34.2 cm
Width: 44.5 cm
Depth: 2.5 cm

Approximate weight: 7.6 Kg

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Displaying an excellent array of rings revealing the age of this individual tree. A high quality polished finsih exemplifies the mineral inclusions of jaspers, absorbed by the living trees tissues at cellular and vascular level of this now extinct once living organic plant.

The attractive araucaria section has very good colouration of neutral colours from cream/beige to a vibrant mustard. The surrounding bark has preserved extremely well with a district resemblance to it's shape and colour long ago. Overall this is a fine example of the fauna family known as araucaria. The tissue has been replaced by minerals, usually silica or calcium carbonate.

Madagascar provides wonderful selections of petrified wood consisting of all colours and minerals. Most show no cell structure, however on occasion you see pocket remains with well-preserved cells. Holding some of the oldest and finest wood specimens from the Triassic period, Madagascar is prolific for it's minerals and fossils, making pieces like this notable for their origin.

Additional Information

Age Triassic
Origin Madagascar
Colour Beige

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