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For the fossil lover and collector alike, THE FOSSIL STORE™ has you covered. From a range of different fossils originating from different parts of the world, you're sure to find a piece that meets all of your criteria. With their top 5 picks, you're guaranteed to have a piece of history that is both of optimal preservation and rarity, and is further enhanced with their expert restoration and adapted design. And the best part? Each purchase comes with a authenticity guarantee, so you know you're getting a true collectible. Whether you're looking for a unique addition to your collection or the perfect conversational piece, THE FOSSIL STORE™ has you covered.

1. Preservation ≈ Aesthetic Qualities
2. Rarity ≈ Availbilty
3. Restoration ≈ Quality Product
4. Adapted Design
5. Authen ticity Guaranties


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Holzmaden pyrite crinoid sea lily on Holzmaden shale for sale

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