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Museum Quality Trilobites For Sale ≈ THE FOSSIL STORE™

Trilobite fossils are sourced from some of the most renowned fossil collecting sites from around our world. From Russian view our selection of Asaphus Lepidurus, of the lower Ordovician period, found in the Wolchovian Horizon, that’s an incredible age of approximately 490 to 470 million years ago.

Perhaps your taste is for enrolled Phacops trilobites, Drotops megalomanicus from the region Mader, Morocco, perhaps you may prefer one of our most popular trilobites, the Zilchovaspis rugosa from the fossil site of Hamar Laghdad Formation, Djebel Issoumour, near Alnif, the Saharan western desert of North Africa.

The latter of the Devonian period some 400 million years ago. This location is our favoured for excavating, to travel too and work to secure wonderful fossil trilobites which formed part of the greater invertebrate kingdom eons ago.

Come join us with THE FOSSIL STORE™ YouTube channel where you may start to enjoy the amazing world of trilobites, browse our online shop to learn more about the natural history of our planet from the Pre Cambrian oceans to the dinosaurian Jurassic land masses.

The trilobites are an extinct arthropod group of now fossilised invertebrates, some had long spiny and freaky extremities, which seem alien to us now, once these invertebrates ruled our ancient oceans. Some trilobites were up to one metre while others as small as a human thumb nail, all of which ranged the oceans in search of prey.

These enigmatic prehistoric extinct arthropods from another world have captivated our imagination through the ages, collected and revered by scholars and scientists from Archimedes to Darwin, and now here some of these fossils are available at your fingertips.

You too can study trilobites in great detail with us, the petrified and fossilised carapaces, thats the hard exoskeleton of a trilobite, which kept them safe from predators in the prehistoric seas from the Pre Cambrian period, approximately five hundred and forty million years ago.

See the evolution of different body shapes and how their armour evolved throughout the order of trilobites, how they adopted attributes to protect themselves from larger predators which all led eventually to the trilobites final curtain call, and their demise in a cataclysmic extinction event in the Permian stage known to palaeontologists as, the great Permian dying, which wiped out the class of trilobites along with ninety percent of all life on our planet. The trilobites ruled their environment for two hundred and fifty million years approximately.






In THE FOSSIL STORE™ online shop you can discover trilobites as individual specimens, collector cabinet size, even wall hanging plates and multi plates filled with many animals all prepared creating a unique interior feature or display.

These larger limestone forms termed plates are basically parts of the ancient fossilised sea bed which have been exhumed from the fossil layers, massive slabs of fossil rock prepared down in size with careful technical precision to a displayable size enabling any interior to accommodate them.

The plates are aesthetically appealing and are used sometimes as centre and statement pieces or wall art. Some plates stand alone as impressive display features for interiors, scientific education or museum collections.

We are sure your imagination will be enthralled with naturally created wonders of our earth. These enigmatic extinct trilobites tell their own story as seen in our catalogue, which in turn we hope will become an enjoyable and personal journey, developing an understanding of our planets prehistoric past.



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