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The Sawfish Anoxypristis Mucrodens


The Spinosaurus story reads like a detective novel, one of palaeontology’s greatest mysteries. Now confirmed as the largest predatory theropod yet discovered, eclipsing Tyrannosaurus rex. Review the latest unearthed Spinosaurus aegypticus skeletal elements and read how events and the greater story of Spinosaurus through the 20th and 21st centuries enabled the reconstruction bone by bone Aa the 50ft carnivorous swimming dinosaur.


What we knew about Spinosaurs before the latest discovery. Paul Sereno of the museum of Chicago elevated our knowledge of Spinosaurus in the last decade of the twentieth century, Sereno began expeditions in Africa to dig up dinosaurs. He made some remarkable North Africa dinosaur discoveries, however, Spinosaurus aegypticus for the most part evaded detection. Mystery surrounded the lifestyle of this large predatory dinosaur while all around the world other dinosaurs were being uncovered.



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The piecing of the puzzle is coming along, as a picture of a predatory dinosaur catching large prehistoric fossil sharks, sawfish, coelacanths and lungfish fish up to 5 feet in length which would have been able to sustain such an enormous bulk of this fearsome behemoth dinosaur. THE FOSSIL STORE™ discovers fish and shark remains alongside Spinosaurus teeth and bones, just what you would expect to find in an aquatic prehistoric scene.



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Genus / Origin / Age

Genus: Anoxypristis Mucrodens | Pristis Lathami (Galeotti 1837)
Age: Cenozoic, late Palaeocene, 72,000,000 - 56,000,000 years
Origin: Morocco, North Africa