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THE FOSSIL STORE™ we have discoveries which are quite literally out of this world! Our fallen star series presents meteorites from inner and outer space, transformed on our superb quality bronze, steel and brass mounts. Manufactured stands will grace any interior or exhibiting space with elegant innovated-designed AES stands for spaces out there.

Celestial material formed in our ever-evolving solar system, which presently dates to some four and a half billion years ago, Is the Extraterrestrial material entering our planet's upper atmosphere. Most of this burns up at high speed, with high friction temperatures.



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Meteorites for sale

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Meteorite impacts on the earth are rare. Many falls are discovered in open spaces but are very difficult to locate. Many falling stars crash into our oceans. Antarctica is the most effective place to locate meteorites because any rock material deposited on or in the ice fields is likely from the sky and space above.

Many of these fall as dust particles or minor rocks. That is why Finding large molten surfaced pebbles or rocks is so exciting, tantalising and rare. Enjoy our specimens and range of beautifully designed and created meteorite stands while wondering about the journey these heavenly bodies took to get to us on earth. And one last thing, all specimens are easily detached from our mounts for handling. And if you haven't already, take a look at THE FOSSIL STORE™ latest meteorites for sale >



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