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Chealse Flower Show - Flora Fossils

At the Chelsea flower show you may have seen THE FOSSIL STORE™ selection of rare examples of flora fossils from plants, shrubs, flowers, tree slices and tree trunks, In THE FOSSIL STORE™ online shop where you can experience something a little further than the ordinary.





We have many types of fossil flora and fauna for sale. Flora like, petrified tree's and woods, fossil plant leaves and petrified and fossilised fir cones from ancient Jurassic forrest’s.

Fossil leaves from ancient carboniferous deposits of British Columbia which are wonderfully preserved in a rich array of colour tones from soft pinks to dark brown leaves fossilised on pale shales, the shales have been sliced open to reveal the leaves as if freshly pressed down showing the greatest detail of the botanical veining of each type of leaf from yew, beech, maple and bay shaped leaves.




Glossopteris Browniana is a bay shaped leaf representing Australasia and widely used to prove the theory of tectonic plate movements as the fossil leaf is found on several modern continents which all once formed part of Gondwanaland, particularly Australia, India and South America and these can be found in our catalogue for sale. All manner of fossil leaves for sale are represented, along with.

Fossil wood for sale, also a big part of our flora content, fossil tree trunk sized specimens to fossil wood place mat slices all for sale here. Perhaps you may find the most interesting section is the fossil fir cones for sale, these are mainly represented by female fossil fir cones of the Araucaria mirabilis, which are the typical ovoid shaped cone which are the seed bearing cones fertilised by the much more slender male cones, producing the next generation. These are represented by the Araucarias, often referred to as the living fossils, like monkey puzzle tree’s seen in many parks and gardens in the united Kingdom and abroad. We hope to see you soon reviewing these wonderful fossil botanical specimens from ancient lost worlds.