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Hi fossil lovers, if your searching for fine fossils in Berkshire your on the right trail, The Fossil Store has sourced wonderful fossils for decades from around the world and specifically North Africa our area of expertise, so if you desire is for a gigantic ammonite or a ferocious looking Dinosaur tooth or claw come and visit our web pages where you will find a myriad of specialised and decorative display fossils for the specimen draw or interior. In fact we supply many interior decorators, collectors, architect, designers and museums. Our range increases and depletes as we unearth and sell the finest fossils on the net in Berkshire.

dinosaur tooth from north african carcharodontosaurus


Along side our impressive collections of fossils we also offer a ever increasing range of pre-historic artefacts and Ice Age fossils. The wealth of earlyman prehistory in Africa, the area of the out of Africa theory has yet uncovered treasures, the vast expanse of the Sahara regions creep into several countries and from a few of these we have neolithic and palaeolithic stones for sale. remarkable evidence of early ancestors and their habitat and way of life. The ice ages are represented by the great Woolly Mammoths, the behemoths of the North sea area and Siberian tundra.


perfect madagascan ammonite cut in two and polished quartz centre


The Fossil Store has a definitive signature product. Over the decades we have developed the sublime sculptural fossil which has found a place in interiors across the globe. A hit with interior designers, to decorate luxury hotels to luxury power yachts. View our range of stylish surmounted ammonite which you will find in our interior section. These surmounted ammonites are mounted onto fossil marble, bronze or Portland limestone bases, bookend types from a few inches to sculptural statements to over two feet. Even our Royal Prince loved ammonite style which resided in the stumpers pathway at Highgrove gardens, the residence of Charles, Prince of Wales. We are proud of our success supplying our unique fossil style.


massive quartz bed of multiple terminated natural points


We distribute to Berkshire absolutely free of charge and all our shipping to the united Kingdom mainland is free and we ship to any destination worldwide. Each fossil or mineral specimen comes our authentication, money back guarantee, we sell the fossils as described on our web store. A common question from customers is they did not believe it possible to see let alone own these wonderful objects outside of a museum! Yes you can, so we always issue our certification and information sheet for each item. Now on the cusp of a new era, we have had a presence online for nearly twenty years steadily evolving and still the best is yet to come. We are positive you shall discover our website enlightening from dinosaurs, fishes, mega fauna and much, much more, peek our store to be amazed with whats possible to purchase from Berkshire via The Fossil Store fossil pages.


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