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Luxury Fossil Fish Wall Mosaic

Stunning aquarium feature fossil fish wall mosaic project displayinga warm fossiliferous calcite bearing limestone shale creates a unique dynamic; the limestone discovered in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming, from a high-level rock layer derives each genuine fossil fish. The composition of the aquatic scene creates a sense of a seamless transition throughout the mosaic fish wall.

Each fossil fish is hand selected and cleaned in the preparation laboratory, using high-tech micro abrasive equipment; every specimen uncovered from the historic limestone tomb of a rare fossiliferous layer. The process reveals the detail of the anatomy of each individual, in some cases, every single bone is found articulated in its correct anatomical position, as it was in the distant past some fifty million years ago when the bony fishes swam through the semi-tropical lagoon environment.


Designed to create a unique dynamic unknown to the world of interiors.

The intensely lengthy process gives us the beautiful detail of each of the fishes, creating a scene of tranquillity, along with the soft-toned limestone; once the soft silt and volcanic ash of the ancient lagoon, which exhibits subtle and delicate palettes of creamy ochre tones to mid-grey colours. Throughout the developing checkerboard wall, a contrast develops of a very modernistic aesthetic; in the preservation of the ancient and elementary sedimentary natural shale material.

'This particular project likens to an Athenian temple wall combined with prehistoric Lascaux caves.' - The Fossil Store.


Genus: Knightia Alta. Order Clupeifomes, Family Clupeidae.
Age: Eocene, 56 - 33.9 million years ago years.
Origin: The Rocky Mountains, The Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA.

Genus: Diplomystus dentatus sp. Order Clupeifomes, Family Clupeidae.
Genus: Priscacara serrata sp.
Age: Paleogene, Lower to middle Eocene epoch, 53.5 to 48.5 million years.
Origin: The Rocky Mountains, The Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA.

Genus: Priscacara serrata sp. Order Perciformes, Percomorpha.
Age: Paleogene, Lower to middle Eocene, 53.5 to 48.5 million years.
Origin: The Rocky Mountains, The Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA.


Height: 20 cm
Width: 20 cm
Thickness: 1.5 cm
Weight per tile: 0,500 g

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