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Carcharo­donto­saurus Saharicus

This unique and prised collection example of an authentic Carcharodontosaurus dinosaur killing teeth are no exception! Now available to buy at THE FOSSIL STORE™ online.



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Carcharodontosaurus Dinosaur scale to Man

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A classic sabre shaped cutting tooth, once able to rip through flesh achieving mortal wounds which could slow down other large dinosaurs.

Once felled Carcharodontosaur dinosaur could have been skilled enough to dissect carcasses with surgical precision. The tooth is of a stable condition, being stout. In hand, one can visualise what an adult Carcharodontosaurs would have been an impressive animal.






Such large teeth, with the serrations used in a carnassial shear, would tear lumps of flesh away from another individual or carcass to swallow whole. The colour of the enamel is an attractive mix of a blonde caramel colour with darker red staining typical of the fossil bed heavy iron mineral content.



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