Welcome to our Mineral category where you can discover our statement selections, whether you're looking for a small mineral gift or a large interior piece for yourself. Enjoy browsing our wide selection of minerals for sale; Quartz spheres that sit elegantly in your living-space surmounted on acrylic rings or creatively transformed into wall features which transcend your personal style turning a historic theme into a reality.

Discover a geological world of minerals from an ancient world from magnificent Quartz and Carnelian spheres, Malachite sculptures to Ocean jasper. Agate slices for wall hanging to Amethyst for monumental displays and we won't forget our favourable iconic Labradorite mineral freeforms or spheres for that unique look.

  1. New Petrified Wood Egg

    Petrified Wood Egg 55mm

    High quality petrified wood egg, naturally mineralised over 250 million years from Madagascar, showcasing deep hues of red and mustard jasper. Crafted into the shape of an egg and finely polished for interior display. Includes free UK delivery. Genus: Petrified Araucaria araucana wood. Age: Early Triassic, approximately 220 to 250 million years. Origin: Ambilobe, Madagascar. Approximately diameter: 5.5 cm Approximately weight: 200 g Learn More